Yes, she did find love the voice intones with wisdom born from knowing the past, or is it the future? But now she is broken and the melancholy though hopeful score is of no help.

Hey voice, actually do something helpful or shut up! Right, you are just a voice. The voice believes it has shone through the clouds, a revelation it thinks, but it just reveals the broken walk of stars.


Apocalypse Whenever


I’ve always been fascinated with post apocalyptic worlds. The visceral intensity and camaraderie of survivors always seemed a better alternative to my family and school life as a kid. Of course narratives can be written in any counter-factual way one wants. First you have to be one of the few survivors, followed by needing the correct survivals skills, a lack of serious medical issues, and the good luck to fall in with the right group of survivors.

But why ruin a good fantasy? In my fantasy I am the hero or at the very least I can step out of the mundane existence most of us have. At least this is how I conceived of fantasy apocalypse worlds when I was young. Now I think perhaps we already live in a slow motion apocalypse. You know, global warming this, toxic that, bad other stuff, blah blah, why even bother explaining it at most people only rhetorically care. Our children will just have to fucking deal with the problems we are creating on their own, right?

I suppose we could just wait for Jesus to return and burn everything, or is that bathe everything in blood? It’s hard to keep track of crazy sometimes. Probably better to just drown our fears in social media. A little Facebook here, some duck face selfies there, followed by some inappropriate Snapchat. There’s also Twitter, though why bother, it’s just people following celebrities (and a kind of post apocalyptic world of its own.)

Oh, I’ve buried the lead here, the apocalypse starts tomorrow! … I wish 😉