Silicon Valley, Out of Ideas, Invents Wheels 2.0

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Tim Caster of the Silicon Valley startup Rotately has an idea that will transform the world, triangular wheels, or as he terms it, “Wheels 2.0.” “We have just been rolling around the same way for millennia, and it is time to change that,” the recent Stanford Grad exclaims while sipping boba tea in the tiny but popular Unbobably Delish tea shop.

“We are literally at the brink of a new age of human civilization,” he says, “where we will begin to do many of our jobs with triangle wheels.” This upcoming transformation will change the skills required in most jobs. For example, as wheels become more triangular, slow, jerky vehicles of all types will overtake walking humans as not being particularly fast. Moreover, as this new version of wheels transforms how companies do business, many think who does the work will also change: Organizations will start replacing human employees with giant hard-to-roll triangles.

Rotately’s hipster Wheel 2.0 electric car in front of Unbobably Delish boba tea shop.

As a result, some jobs will become quite bumpy, with workers forced to learn to just enjoy the jolting rides. The only problem is that people will have to be re-qualified and taught new skills to compete for the latest Wheels 2.0 jobs. The silver lining is that new jobs will come in spine and neck surgery.

The new wheels will never be able to replace some wheels because some people actually like to get places quickly without injury, but Caster pushes back, “you’ve got to break things to see what works, and this will break things.” Caster pulls out a little model car with triangle wheels and accidentally tips his boba tea onto the floor when trying to demo it on the tea shop’s table. “See, it works!”

With that in mind, we looked at Wheels 2.0 startups that are either replacing circular wheels with triangles or are using other shapes, such as squares or rectangles, using emerging technologies such as AI Etch A Sketch.

Zuckerberg’s new disturbing triangle wheel head. Really, I don’t like it at all.

From Google and Amazon to Apple and Microsoft, every big tech company is considering pouring resources into breakthroughs in wheel technology. While the major players are racing to incorporate new exciting wheel designs into their products, other companies are working diligently on developing their intelligent wheel technologies and services. For example, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has hired some of the best-known wheel talents, hoping the advances can be integrated into the company’s Metaverse as a replacement for Mark Zuckerberg’s head.

Rotational technology is undoubtedly moving forward rapidly, and sensationalism sells in today’s click-driven media landscape, but just because spinning around in circles (or rather triangles) could replace the human worker does not mean that is what we will always want. Technology is marching forward inexorably, and to argue otherwise is silly. However, there are still critical things, such as humans not lurching about on wheels, that frankly do not really work.

Rotately’s Tim Caster, with what might be boba tea, dreaming of an all-triangle future.

Nevertheless, Wheels 2.0 has the potential to transform any sector where humans are required to push things around, from wheelbarrows to electric unicycles to mobile laser weapon pads. Although new strangely shaped twirly things will displace more traditional wheels, the experts believe in the creativity of humans to build new jobs, industries, and new ways of making money with things that actually do not work – just as grifters have always done. According to Pivot Research, about half (48%) of the experts polled think the new wheel technology will replace everything that rolls, ushering in a new age of moving around very slowly, and spilling huge quantities of boba tea.

Muppets Hate Quit Twitter

This is what we call the hate quit show!

With the new changes coming in the future of Twitter following Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition, some muppets are saying that they are leaving the social media platform for good. Elon Musk’s controversial Twitter purchase has led a number of muppets to abandon the platform, many expressing concerns about Elon Musk’s position against hate speech and disinformation. Quit following online chatter back in April, some stars promised to quit Twitter once Musk’s deal closed, citing concerns about what the billionaire would do at the helm of the company.

From the (failed) payment to verify Twitter accounts, the reinstatement of accounts operated by bigots, and hundreds of staff departures, Elon Musk’s radical changes to the platform led to a number of muppets saying goodbye to the platform. Muppets including Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy bowed out following the overthrow of Twitter by Elon Musk. The takeover was greeted with disapproval from some, who worried that Elon Musk’s move would weaken guardrails on what users can post, leaving Twitter open to more abusive content or disinformation.

Fozzie Bear about to attack a Tesla

Fozzie Bear was also among the first muppets to announce his decision to quit Twitter, highlighting how hate speech has increased following Musk’s acquisition. On Oct. 29, Gonzo announced he was not hanging around to see what Elon Musk has planned for Twitter.

Rowlf the Dog announced he is leaving Twitter to work for a talk show that he hosts. Dog, co-host of Dogecoin News, which won an Oscar and an Emmy, announced on ABC’s talk show on Monday that Dog was leaving Twitter for the time being. Dog took to Instagram to denounce Twitter, particularly under Elon Musk, and announced she was deleting her account.

Scooter announced that he will see her followers on other social media platforms, saying Twitter is simply no longer a fit for him. Scooter, for hos part, hit out at controversial entrepreneur Elon Musk’s comments while revealing that he left the app on November 5 through Instagram.

Kermit happy to be free of that Musk guy

Animal, known for his role in the TV series Animals are People Too, reportedly tweeted that he is leaving the app permanently. Rizzo the Rag, best known for his role in CBS’s Rat Surfer, tweeted to his approximately 124,000 followers Saturday regarding his exit from Twitter.

Actor and activist Pepe the King Prawn reportedly tweeted that he was leaving Twitter on Oct. 29, then later deactivated his account. Beaker, producer of Emmy-winning Lab Equipment for the Stars, who had previously said that he was leaving Twitter if the Musk acquisition became official, has also left Twitter. Elon Musk has already allowed former President Donald Trump to return to the site, but Trump has yet to tweet anything.

Elon Musk Buys TikTok

Let’s do the Musk!

An image shared on social media purports to show Elon Musk saying on Twitter he would purchase the social media app TikTok. Now that it looks like Elon Musk is indeed going to buy TikTok, it is time to talk about what this sale of the social media platform used by a quarter of Americans, to the richest person in the world, actually means.

Billionaire Elon Musk has said that he is motivated to purchase TikTok because he is concerned TikTok has too many dance restrictions, which he says put freedom of expression at risk in a platform that has become critical for politics and governance. There are some people suggesting business mogul Elon Musk should buy TikTok and take it down in order to save mankind.

Elon Musk had previously conducted a similar type of experiment prior to filing his $444B offer to buy TikTok. Joe Rogan noted, though, that negotiating a deal with TikTok’s owners, ByteDance, could prove challenging, but that he wanted Elon Musk to buy TikTok.

Elon Musk visits his dad’s emerald mine

The deal has divided many opinions, but Joe Rogan is supportive. Elon Musk says TRUTH Social, a social networking site from former U.S. President Donald Trump, is beating out TikTok and Twitter on Apple’s store. Twitter’s new owner and CEO, Elon Musk, was considering bringing back Vine, a short-form video app Twitter bought and abandoned well before TikTok made the format popular.

Twitter’s new owner and CEO tweeted over 20 times on Saturday and Sunday, offering largely contradictory signals about where he wants Twitter to go, and doing little to assuage fears that hate speech and disinformation would thrive under the new rules. Elon Musk spoke positively of TikTok when he met Twitter employees virtually recently, following the start of his $44bn bid for Twitter back in April. The frenzy surrounding Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition has continued for weeks after he revealed his 9.2 percent stake in the social media company earlier in April, in a move that made him its biggest shareholder. Elon Musk reached a deal on Monday to buy Twitter for about $44 billion, promising to apply more lenient treatment in the way it polices content on Twitter.

Meanwhile, screenshots of tweets by Elon Musk, seemingly shared by Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s official Twitter handle, went viral on social media sites, and the captions incorrectly claimed that Musk intended to buy Facebook, and then deleted it, as he did Twitter. The two sides were locked in a heated court battle over the last several months, but Elon Musk threw his white flag last week when he agreed to purchase Twitter at its original price. Musk’s offer to purchase Twitter was accepted by shareholders, but then fellow billionaire Elon Musk tried to walk away from the deal, triggering legal action and a court case set to be heard this month. A judge in the Delaware Court of Common Pleas had issued the Friday deadline after Musk said he was open to buying Twitter at the end.

New TikTok CEO Elon Musk addresses everyone he fired at Twitter

Musk has until 5 pm Eastern time on Friday to finalize the purchase of TikTok, or he will face again the prospect of going to court. Because of underlying issues here, we are in this situation of Elon Musk proposing merely to buy TikTok, with the notion he wants to alter the rules so they are more in his favor. Until we get this changed, I think we are going to go around in circles, and, you know, anybody that claims that they can predict what Elon Musk is going to do if and when he does purchase TikTok — nobody really knows, because Elon Musk is completely unhinged, and has not yet articulated anything concrete outside of free-dance innuendo. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mocked Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg over having vast media platforms while the Tesla CEO has tried to purchase the huge media platform TikTok himself.

Cat Chills Out on Mars

I am not a loaf!
I am not a loaf!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s latest Mars rover touched down on Mars at the beginning of 2021, and it has spotted some more formations, cat loaf rock being one of them. There are no cats living on Mars, but NASA’s rovers, Perseverance, spotted a unique formation of rocks resembling a loafing cat.

It is a loaf position, which was observed on Mars by the Perseverance rover. A loaf is when a cat has its legs folded underneath them, it’s tail hidden, just like a bread loaf head.

At a different angle, or a different time of day, this could have looked like any old lumpy Martian rock, but instead, it looks like a plump cat having a peaceful moment. The angles in the photograph combined to emphasize how shadows illuminated the cat-like ears on the rock’s head, and the way its long body makes it appear cat-like. At just the right moment and location for the Perseverance Rover, a Mars rock appeared like a quiet, drowsy cat with swollen cheeks.

Mars the cat
Mars the Cat

Beyond the rock that looked like a cat, the Perseverance Rover captured the dramatic view of the moon Mars in a potato-shaped form (called Phobos) crossing in front of the sun. NASA’s Perseverance Rover snapped the cat-loaf rock at Jezero crater during its 551st Mars sol on Sept. 8. The Martian rock was seen on Sept. 8, 2022, inside Jezero crater, using one of the cameras mounted on the rover’s mast.

This is not the first time that Perseverance Rovers have found such unusual fiber-like material. NASA has confirmed again that the team is now looking at where this unusual — feline-hair-like — fiber came from. NASA will be investigating if this debris originated with the Perseverance Rovers, or external fragments of the Entry, Descent, and Landing System, which was dumped early in the mission.

The case summary does not identify dietary cat food. A Mars Petcare ad that touted the effects of diet cat food was found to be misleading by Advertising Standards Canada, as before and after images appeared to show two different cats.

I am not a rock outcrop!
I am not a rock outcrop!

Mars Petcare, which sells Whiskas, Iams, and Temptations cat products, is a major pet food distributor in the world. Mars Petcare is part of the same entity that markets Mars Chocolate Bars and M&Ms; Despite this, Mars Pet Nutrition Europe announced in June that 100% of the fish used in their pet products, which are available in Europe, are sustainably sourced and aligned with the Marvs Petcare Sources Guidelines. In 2016, Mars estimated that 43% of its fish and seafood ingredients were sustainably sourced, suggesting 57% of the sources for its fish were not.

NASA’s Mars Pathfinder transmitted over 16,500 images and 8.5 million measurements of atmospheric pressure, temperature, and wind speeds. Mars Pathfinder was an ambitious mission that sent a lander and separate remotely operated rover to the Red Planets’ surface, NASA’s second of its Discovery missions. NASA’s Mars Pathfinder was designed in large part to demonstrate a cost-effective method for sending a suite of scientific instruments and a remotely operated rover to the surface of the Red Planet.

I work out
I work out

Although the planned lifespans for NASA’s Mars Pathfinder and the Sojourner rover were expected to be one month and one week, these times have been exceeded three times and twelve times, respectively. The following day, NASA’s Mars Pathfinder deployed the Sojourner rover onto the Martian surface through the Landing Pad. NASA’s Mars Pathfinder bounced at least 15 times before coming to rest, after which an airbag deflated and revealed a lander.

No one would have thought that the sprawling, rough-and-tumble Mars planet could have cats. Mars is one large Siberian cat of mackerel-black tabby coloration and a great breed. The cat was mild-mannered and gentle, loving companionship and attention.

Mars is a loving mother to her litter, showering unconditional affection on them. On her first night of adoptive parenthood, the cat is tense and extremely protective of her kits (Reese, Hershey, Ruth, and Twix). The next day, Laura Malone woke to the cat greeting her at the door, while Marth warmed to her and turned into a cozy marshmallow. Hershey was never far away from Mars’s mother and loved snuggling with her while napping, as well as wrestling her with her tail.


The cat loaves rock picture has been an Internet sensation among space, Mars fans, and animal lovers. The Science Times reported the picture of a strange-looking cat loaf rock found on Mars became NASA’s photograph of the week.

The Jordan Brands 2017 Calendar, the first issue, features the Jordan Sons of Mars Jordan Brands 2017 Black Cat. Look for the Jordan Son of Mars Black Metallic release on December 15, 2016, in selected Jordan Brand retailers. This Black Cat Look features elephant prints along the toe, heel, and belt for added texture, micro-perforations graze across the midsole, and a mesh Air Jordan 4 collar that helps to ventilate the tongue.


Blue is the warmest color, and the bridge will take you there. An exodus to the east. The towers have taken over. Where can you go? The light is blue. San Francisco Bay Bridge looking east towards Oakland.

In Circles

Green was never my favorite. It’s a color, right? I am not so sure. I wake up every minute, or is it five? Every correction you make I ignore. Maybe I don’t. You have a bicycle. It’s purple. Drink some coffee. It might wake you up. Look at the floor. I see a drain and some leaves. No, I don’t. There are no leaves there. Blue shoes, is it a bag? Wood, chairs, and telephone poles.  A photo, the owner, where is she? Damn schedule! Damn meetings! Always kept away from you. The closer I get the further you are. Your toes, I will kiss them. Curled, striped leggings. How old is this? Rainbow, fuzziness. Is it morning? The trash collector is here to take it all away. Just take your pills and text me. Just shine the flashlight. I can see it on the horizon. The UFO is here from when I was 15. It never took me away. It’s very late. See the triple rainbow? We stop playing baseball and stare. Didn’t God say something about rainbows, or is that apples? Fuck Him! Your hair, blond, or blonde? Plastic straws and ice. Inculcate you I will. Saved even though you don’t need saving. Every patronizing trope like solar panels on the roads. So many bad ideas. I just need a locksmith for my brain, my mind, my /dev/null. Just pipe it there. Does the Universe end with? Yeah, someone else said that. Now my feet tingle. I will see you tomorrow.


Lights over the California king bed strung like stars in the sky, I awake to find you there, asleep, tiny, beautiful. We await the dawn, and the inspectors, the controllers, the space invaders, ready to tear the lights down. How improbable this all is. That we are here, now, by a chance meeting on the ego ship of existence.

Men’s Rights

Lady has a gun
Lady has a gun
Sometimes there is just a swear. The rain did not speak. The clouds have no thoughts on the matter. Even the zen master was silent, though of course she always is. Just that unsteady feeling like I am bad, wrong, just for existing. Yes, I am that fucking cunt, the one you blame for everything that is wrong in your life. You tell me “shut up bitch, you fucking whore.” You grab a gun from the stack in your basement. You make no idle threats. You grab my pussy even when I say no. It is my fault. Your rights as a man can never be overridden. This is the law of your god. The god of men and their unsatisfied manhoods. It’s the bitches, it’s the lesbos, it’s the feminazis that make your fucking dick limp. Never your fault, never you, always the bitch cunt whore of your dreams.

Revelation in 1 Minute



The tubeway was not in its usual configuration. As usual, I had walked down from the F train platform through the vaulted enclosure of the spaceport trains to the lowest level express platform leading to the city. Something had been moved. The stretch of old slightly oily maglev had been twisted perhaps two degrees counterclockwise looking down from above. Yes, who would notice such a minor detail? Unfortunately, I would. Unfortunate since it would be yet one more thing only I would notice. I could tell no one. I wasn’t afraid of being labeled crazy or eccentric; people already thought I was. I just could not break someone else by telling them the truth. The constantly shifting geometries and realities of the city could only be mine to know. That was until the approaching train arrived. Or more specifically what (or who?) was on the train.

For maybe one or two days a year the advertisements covering everything in the station would be taken down. I am not sure why. Did advertisers just run out of money? Removing the ads revealed something we rarely speak of these days. Yes, we have the most perfect society ever to exist. No superlative can ever enhance our state of perfection, but there was a day that others walked among us. Now why did the authorities allow the past to interject in the present so jarringly? Memories have faded, or simply have been removed, but just like the slight turn of the maglev tracks I remember.

“Excuse me, sir?” I could hear the voice. It could not be for me. “Sir? Did you drop this?” Drop what? What did I have? Not much. And there it was.

Like the maglev tunnels of the city, my mind is like an endless digression. I travel one line, and it connects into another. What train is this? I am so lost some days I am suddenly above ground, the end of the line, the ocean, the city’s bridges barely visible in the fog.