Muppets Hate Quit Twitter

This is what we call the hate quit show!

With the new changes coming in the future of Twitter following Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition, some muppets are saying that they are leaving the social media platform for good. Elon Musk’s controversial Twitter purchase has led a number of muppets to abandon the platform, many expressing concerns about Elon Musk’s position against hate speech and disinformation. Quit following online chatter back in April, some stars promised to quit Twitter once Musk’s deal closed, citing concerns about what the billionaire would do at the helm of the company.

From the (failed) payment to verify Twitter accounts, the reinstatement of accounts operated by bigots, and hundreds of staff departures, Elon Musk’s radical changes to the platform led to a number of muppets saying goodbye to the platform. Muppets including Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy bowed out following the overthrow of Twitter by Elon Musk. The takeover was greeted with disapproval from some, who worried that Elon Musk’s move would weaken guardrails on what users can post, leaving Twitter open to more abusive content or disinformation.

Fozzie Bear about to attack a Tesla

Fozzie Bear was also among the first muppets to announce his decision to quit Twitter, highlighting how hate speech has increased following Musk’s acquisition. On Oct. 29, Gonzo announced he was not hanging around to see what Elon Musk has planned for Twitter.

Rowlf the Dog announced he is leaving Twitter to work for a talk show that he hosts. Dog, co-host of Dogecoin News, which won an Oscar and an Emmy, announced on ABC’s talk show on Monday that Dog was leaving Twitter for the time being. Dog took to Instagram to denounce Twitter, particularly under Elon Musk, and announced she was deleting her account.

Scooter announced that he will see her followers on other social media platforms, saying Twitter is simply no longer a fit for him. Scooter, for hos part, hit out at controversial entrepreneur Elon Musk’s comments while revealing that he left the app on November 5 through Instagram.

Kermit happy to be free of that Musk guy

Animal, known for his role in the TV series Animals are People Too, reportedly tweeted that he is leaving the app permanently. Rizzo the Rag, best known for his role in CBS’s Rat Surfer, tweeted to his approximately 124,000 followers Saturday regarding his exit from Twitter.

Actor and activist Pepe the King Prawn reportedly tweeted that he was leaving Twitter on Oct. 29, then later deactivated his account. Beaker, producer of Emmy-winning Lab Equipment for the Stars, who had previously said that he was leaving Twitter if the Musk acquisition became official, has also left Twitter. Elon Musk has already allowed former President Donald Trump to return to the site, but Trump has yet to tweet anything.

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